Will youtube red hurt youtubers?

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asked Jan 11 in Youtube by Bowers (260 points)
Will youtube red hurt youtubers?

Will people using youtube red now to get rid of youtube advertisements hurt a youtubers income?

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answered Jan 12 by Prigen (3,560 points)
The youtube red could be bad for youtube video creators but not as bad you or I might think.

The ones that would sign up for youtube red would skip the advertisements in the videos anyway and you wouldn't earn any money so I guess it's not as bad as it seems.

You wouldn't be making money from those viewers anyway. There's some that will watch ads on videos and not skip over them because they know that doing so will hurt the youtuber and cause them to likely stop making videos on a great channel.

Just keep creating great content that people love and will want to help support you by watching the ads.

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