Why does my toddler hate getting diaper changes?

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asked Jan 10 in Toddler/Preschooler by aror (150 points)
Why does my toddler hate getting diaper changes?

My nearly 3 year old who refuses to potty train and would rather stay in his diapers also refuses to get changed into a fresh diaper when he needs one.

He seems content to stay in the wet or poop diaper and hates getting his diaper changed?

I would think that he would want a fresh diaper on and not want to stay in his wet or dirty diapers?

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answered Jan 12 by Minty (23,540 points)
He likely just doesn't like getting interrupted from what he's doing to get the diaper changed.

Before changing his diaper give him advanced warning that a diaper change will be happening soon.

Around 15 minutes for it's time to change his diaper give him warning and say it's almost time to get your diaper changed.

And then remind him again a few minutes before the diaper change.

If he still doesn't cooperate and refuses the diaper change you're just gonna have to hold him down and fight him to get the diaper changed. Because you can't let him decide whether to get the diaper changed or not.

Tell him if he doesn't want diaper changes he can use the toilet and not have to get diaper changes anymore. But if he wants to wear diapers then he has to get the diaper changed.

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