How do you get rid of pimples overnight?

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asked Jan 7 in Body/Skin by Marcio (190 points)
How do you get rid of pimples overnight?

What are some home remedies to get rid of my pimples overnight?

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answered Jan 11 by Lilly21 (17,970 points)
To get rid of pimples naturally try using some apple cider vinegar solution. Take a cotton ball and soak it in some apple cider vinegar and then dab the cotton ball on the pimples.

The apple cider vinegar has worked for me to get rid of some pimples I've had. Although it didn't get rid of it overnight but after about a week the pimples were fully gone and not noticeable anymore.

You should dab the pimples with the apple cider vinegar daily or even nightly for the week to ensure the pimples will be gone.

If you start getting pimples again use the apple cider vinegar solution again as soon as the pimples start appearing and it'll take less time for the pimples to go away and the pimples might go away overnight then.

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