How can I get help to pay my natural gas heating bill?

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asked Dec 31, 2017 in Other-Finance by Cintia (270 points)
How can I get help to pay my natural gas heating bill?

I'm only working part time this year and am unable to afford my high gas bills that are coming this winter.

I've been paying part of it but my gas bills are $250.00 per month and I can only pay $100.00 of it.

Is there anyway I can get assistance in paying my natural gas heating bill?

Can my gas be shut off in winter for non payment?

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answered Jan 1 by Jodie (17,050 points)
First check with your utility company as most have a program in place where customers and employees donate money to an account that helps people cover there utility bills.

The money is usually distributed through the Salvation army so you'd have to go through the Salvation Army to get the assistance in paying your natural gas heating bill.

You can also work out a payment plan for the natural gas to help get it paid off. They most likely can set you up on budget billing where you pay the same amount each month and then catch up later when winter is over.

As for the gas getting shut off. Since it's winter the cold weather rule should apply to your natural gas account and if so the natural gas and your electric can not be turned off until winter is over.

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