Do humans live in Antarctica?

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asked Dec 30, 2017 in Weather by J33 (250 points)
Do humans live in Antarctica?

With the sub freezing temperatures of Antarctica do humans actually live their full time?

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answered Dec 30, 2017 by Shumway (350 points)
There's scientists that stay out there for awhile but no one is a resident out there and no communities or towns of people live in Antarctica since it really isn't habitable for year round.

The temperatures are just too darn cold to really inhabit the place.
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answered Dec 31, 2017 by Larry S (17,170 points)
No one resides there full time. Just scientists like the other answer mentioned.

It's too darn cold for anyone to fully live there year round. People just come and go to do research.

I'd love to visit one day but only for a little while.

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