What are some money making ideas?

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asked Dec 26, 2017 in Employment & Careers by ZetaByte (180 points)
What are some money making ideas?

I want to make some money and I'm wondering what are some ways to make money without a regular job?

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answered Jan 11 by Minty (23,390 points)

To make money without having a regular job you have to go to can be done but you'll still need to work to earn that money.

Here's a few ways I can think of that people make money without having a regular job. 

Ebay Reselling. 

Some people earn a living by shopping at thrift stores or garage or yards sales for things that will resell for a profit on ebay.

Many people make a good living doing this thrift store shopping and reselling. 

Freelance work. 

You can go on freelancer and look for jobs that people need doing that you're good at. 

If you're good at doing other projects for people online you can earn a good living working at home from your computer on your own time doing freelance work.

Make Youtube Videos. 

If you're good at making good youtube videos that people will enjoy you can start a youtube channel and create videos that are both entertaining and helpful for others. 

You can then earn money through the advertisements that will play on your videos when someone views them. 

Start Blogging for money. 

Download and install wordpress on a web hosting account and get a domain for your blog.

Start blogging in a high paying Adsense niche that you know a lot about and have a passion for. 

Once you get enough blog posts then you can apply for an adsense account and earn money once you have website traffic when people click your Adsense ads you earn money. 

You can even sell your own services or even E books if you'd like. Or even promote affiliate products or services and earn a commission from affiliate sales. 

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