How often do you change your toddlers diaper?

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How often do you change your toddlers diaper?

Do you change your toddlers diaper the moment it is wet or do you wait until the diaper is full?

How many hours do you go between changing your toddlers diapers?

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You should check your toddlers diaper at least every 2 hours and change if needed. If partly wet you don't need to change the toddlers diaper right away but if it's very wet you should change the diaper.

As a baby gets older they tend to urinate less. Newborns will wet their diapers a lot enough to need 10 to 14 diaper changes per day.

But a 1 year old will need maybe 8 diaper changes per day and then at 2 they will need around 5 or 6 diaper changes per day.

Depending on how much the toddler wets or how often the toddler poops their diaper.

Make a schedule or set a timer to remind you to check your toddlers diaper at least 1 hour and half to 2 hours.

Don't go longer than 2 hours without checking your toddlers diaper as leaving a toddler in a wet diaper or poop diaper for too long can cause a rash and urinary tract infections.

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