What to do instead of watching tv?

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asked Oct 13, 2017 in TV's by Dallas J (240 points)
What to do instead of watching tv?

What are some other things I can do when I'm bored instead of watching TV?

The TV is even getting boring after awhile.

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answered Oct 13, 2017 by Sabre898 (230 points)
There's many things to do to keep from being bored.

Try going for a walk around town if it's nice weather or even in cold weather you can take a nice walk around the neighborhood just dress warm.

Walking will also warm your body up.

Sit down and read a good book. Search for things on the internet even if you already know about it. I find I learn more about something I already knew about when I lookup something I already have knowledge about.

Go outside and just sit in a chair and take in the fresh air from outside.

Find some other hobbies that interest you. Is there anything that needs fixing around the house? If so you could do the repairs if you know how.

If not then youtube and the internet is a great way to learn how to do home repairs.

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