Is a virus a living or non living organism?

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asked Oct 5 in Diseases Conditions by Judy (10,050 points)
Is a virus a living or non living organism?

I was thinking about this just now. Viruses run through our bodies and are what causes us to get sick and our body has to fight these viruses or even a vaccine has to be taken to kill off the viruses.

Are viruses actually a living thing running around in our bodies?

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answered Oct 6 by Mechanic21 (10,390 points)
From what I remember in science class "which was a long time ago." The viruses are living organism's that can reproduce other viruses.

They'd have to be living organism's since we can kill the viruses.

I could be wrong though since I'm not a medical doctor or scientist. This is just what I remember learning in science class in grade school.

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