How can I make 5 thousand a month online?

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asked Jun 29, 2017 in Internet by Aviwe (210 points)
How can I make 5 thousand a month online?
What are some ways I can make $5,000.00 per month online?

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answered Jul 15, 2017 by Minty (24,400 points)
It won't be easy and will take a lot of hard work to do. But you can make that amount of money if you start a blog and work hard at it to get lots of targeted traffic.

Once you have the targeted traffic you can setup adsense on it or ads or even sell affiliate products or services.

Many bloggers that have been blogging for a decade or more make $5,000.00 a month and some make even more than that.

You must write good quality useful content though that people would be willing to share and you must promote your blog on a daily basis. You might not get much sleep either in the beginning because you'll need to be working on the blog and promoting it.

You'll work long hours and maybe work for 3 years or more without any money coming in from your blog.

But if you can keep at it and keep pushing along you might see some good results end the end.
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answered Jun 12 by ElvinaMongillo (160 points)

Here is a quick way to make a few bucks online

Did you know you could make money online by using something as simple as ads? As one of the first and most common revenue streams on YouTube, ads have been making people all around the world money for the last few years.

How to start?

The first step is to become a YouTube Partner. You can do this by using the Creator Studio of your existing account on YouTube by clicking on the ‘Channel’ menu, verifying your account and activate Monetization.

Once you’ve become a partner, you’ll need to create an AdSense account to be able to use Google’s advertising network in order to get paid.

By doing this, you’ll have access to ad revenue reports and notice green ‘$’ signs next to your videos under Video Manager, which will indicate whether the video is activated for monetization. You will be able to click on these to activate the access to the monetization setting for individual videos.

While there are many ways to make money from YouTube when it comes to making money on ads, the only downfall is that YouTube gets to keep 45% of your revenue, but nevertheless, that's still easy money in the bank.If you are confused or have any doubts , feel free to contact a subject matter expert at Passive Income Online

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