I dreamed tonight that I died at age 40

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asked Jun 28, 2017 in Religion & Spirituality by Jorge (130 points)
I was in bed tonight and I got woken up from a dream where I had died an early death at 40 years old?

I'm currently only 32 and not sure what to think? Most of my dreams come true and I don't want to die at 40?

I still have a lot I want to do in life.

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answered Jun 28, 2017 by chad (11,580 points)
I won't say that you won't die at 40. But we all will die and we don't know exactly when. Make sure you live your life to the fullest possible.

I'm 29 and lately I've also had death dreams. I also had one that came true. My aunt who was 59 died due to a heart attack and choking on some meat.

A week before I had dreams of seeing her on a life support machine and the doctor saying she wouldn't make it once the plug was pulled.

Well a week after that dream my mom got a call stating that my aunt "my dad's sister" had choked on some meat and lost oxygen to her brain and was on life support and that they needed to get down there.

My mom and dad stayed at the hospital for 3 days before deciding to pull her off the life support machine and

she passed away on April 7th 2017 a few months before her 60th birthday.

I keep having dreams of my own death as well and seeing as that one came true I told my parents about my death dreams and to be prepared for my death if it happens before there's.

I'm not ready to die just yet but I'm ready if it does happen.

What I mean is I have a lot I want to do in life too before death so I'm not exactly ready to leave this planet until I hopefully get those things done.

But if I do die the way my dreams say I will. I'm actually prepared and can accept it.

I've had several different death dreams of mine, one was a heart attack which is very possible as heart trouble runs in my family and my dad has heart trouble himself. The other was in a car crash where I die instantly.

And if I do die from a car crash I do hope it's instantly without much pain if any at all. I hope it's quick and over.

Death is something we can't stop so always be prepared for it to happen to you and learn to accept it as I did.

I hope mine and your's doesn't come true but just be prepared.

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