How can I get a car loan with bad credit?

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asked Jun 12 in Buying & Selling by megax (250 points)
How can I get a car loan to get a new car with bad credit?

My credit rating is really poor and my car I currently drive is on it's last legs?

Is there a way to get approved for a new car loan having bad credit?

Or is there anyway I can get approved for a used car loan?

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answered Jun 15 by Shawn (26,820 points)
Getting a car loan with bad credit is hard. Although it is possible to get a car loan with bad credit.

You might have to get a used car. There are some used car dealers that will allow you to drive off there lot with at least $500.00 down.

I got a car that way through a local dealership. I put $500.00 down and then drove away with the car. Of course I had to have the money for the Insurance and Registration as well. But I was able to get a car.

If you keep making your payments on time for the car then your credit score will increase also. Which will allow you to get a new car in the future.

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