What are your thoughts on online dating?

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Another thing I noticed was that it allowed for people to lie too often. One of my friends, who I first met as a date online, still lists himself as "Athletic" and a nonsmoker. He went back to smoking before I even met him and hasn't been athletic since shortly after we met and that was years ago. At least two of the guys I met had girlfriends they hid from me and who I only found out about because I looked them up on Facebook.

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One can never judge a person’s personality. They might behave in a particular manner all the time but happen to have a personality which you never expected them to have. As long as you don’t know the background of a person and see what someone is going through in their lives, we cannot judge them easily. The world of dating has been made so much easy for all of us, and sometimes all we have to do is swipe right if we like somebody. But along with all these, there are some ugly truths about online dating which most of us want to get away from. Visit Swirlr for Interracial dating.

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