How to not be bored in retirement?

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asked May 13, 2017 in Employment & Careers by Terry (120 points)
I'm gonna be retiring in 5 years.

I'm used to staying busy and I hear from people that retirement is boring?

If you're retired how do you fill your days?

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answered May 14, 2017 by chad (11,580 points)
I'm only 29 and I'm not retired nor do I work a 9-5 job. I'm self employed doing scrap metal when I feel like it. And running websites such as this one and I operate my dad's salvage yard that he started before I was born in 1988.

He started it in 1980 and I used to help him when I got old enough do do things such as using a screw driver to take screws out of cars and remove radios.

I was 3 when he started me doing little things like that because I loved tearing things apart. "And I still do at times" It's a stress reliever for me" lol

Anyway I don't work it full time now but only when I feel like it.

I do get tired of working and want a break from it which I do. But then I'm ready to get out there and work at it again.

I'm not sure I could fully retire from it and just go on vacation and sit around and fish or any of that other stuff.

The other stuff would get boring too.

It's nice in a vision to just lay around a beach all day doing nothing for the rest of your life or going fishing or other things.

But in reality that would get boring really quick.

I'm not the type that can just sit around and do nothing all day. Well some days I can but other days I want to get out there and do some work.

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