3 year old son only poops in diaper

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asked May 9 in Toddler/Preschooler by Mrew9 (120 points)
My 3 year old son has been doing pretty good at peeing in the toilet. And for awhile he was pooping in the toilet too.

Now he holds it and throws a fit until I put a diaper on him so he can poop?

How can I get him to poop in the potty instead of a diaper?

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answered May 9 by Hj78 (160 points)
You can force him to sit on the toilet until he poops. But my suggestion is to just let him poop in the diaper until he's comfortable pooping in the toilet.

He'll start pooping in the toilet when he's ready.

There's no need to make potty training traumatizing for him.

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