Which wood fence boards will last long after the fence is built?

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Just a random doubt - let me know what you guys think

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Wood fencing is one of the common fencing options that people go for. Since it is one of the common options used, it is important that people understand how long should a wood fence last. Different factors are involved in understanding the lifespan of a wood fencing. In wood fencing, the most common choices are pine, spruce and cedar. The usual lifespan of any wooden fencing ranges from 15 to 30 years depending on the quality of the wood and how well it is taken care of, and of course, the spice that is used. The 15 to 30 years range is usually for the cedar, while for spruce it comes down to 4 to 7 years and pine lives for a maximum of 12 years. One more thing that you have to note is that treated wood, spruce and cedar, may live up to 20 years and the same might go up to 40 years in case of cedar. Without question, it is proven that when it comes to wood fence boards, cedar is the best choice, and stays for years after it is built. check here

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