What are the advantages of technology?

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What are the advantages of technology?

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To me the advantages of technology are having the computer or my tablet to access the weather and news on demand and to pay bills online which makes it easier and faster than sending in the bill through the mail.

I also love being able to order things online and save on the things I buy including sales tax.

It's also nice to just have the things I order delivered to my home without having to walk through a store which I hate doing.

Technology also makes things easier in the medical field as well and advancements in medical technology have helped people live a lot longer than they did in the past with medical problems.

Sometimes technology can be great and I'm amazed that people even came up with the idea of the new technology and was able to make it work.

Another advantage to technology and especially the internet is the ability to instantly find information on something I'm searching for and need info on instead of having to go through the library and look through several books and pages to find the information.

Also finding phone numbers to businesses online instead of having to go through the yellow pages phone book.

It speeds things up a lot faster.

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