Why did they start daylight savings time?

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asked Mar 7 in Polls/Surveys by Takac (280 points)
Why did they start daylight savings time?

What is the point of daylight savings time and constantly having to change our clocks and watches every year?

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answered Mar 9 by Gracy (18,370 points)
I agree daylight savings time is just stupid and I hate having to constantly change my clocks back and forth.

They claim you gain and lose an hour each time you change the clocks and that's there reason behind it I guess.

But the only thing that really changes is the time you get up and the time you go to sleep and the time you get to work and the time you get off work.

There's no gain or loss of time when you change the clocks it's just a stupid idea that someone had to change the clocks and I wish they would stop with it.

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