What is the short haul rule?

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What is the short haul rule?

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The short haul rule means that the CDL truck driver only drives within 150 mile radius.

CDL drivers qualify as short-haul if you: drive only within a 150-air-mile radius. do not drive more than 11 hours at a time and are completely off-duty within 14 hours of the start of the work day.

The short-haul exemption is an exemption from rules requiring fleet management companies to track their drivers’ activity using an ELD (electronic logging device).

Short-haul exemptions are available to some short-haul carriers depending on factors like how far they travel from their work reporting station (among other requirements).

The DOT’s FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), added this exemption because there’s less concern about overwork and road safety issues for short-haul than with long-haul trucking operations.

Many short-haul drivers experience far more headaches than long-haul drivers (dozens of stops per day, inner-city traffic conditions, construction, and more), so not needing to keep active driving records can be helpful.

Any driver’s shift cannot exceed 11 consecutive hours of driving. Within 12 hours of starting a shift, your drivers must return to the reporting location and officially clock out.

They must be completely off-duty from that point, not doing maintenance or working in any other capacity as a driver.

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