Is it okay to take expired aspirin?

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Is it okay to take expired aspirin?

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It's okay to take expired aspirin.

Taking expired aspirin will do you no harm and your health won't suffer when taking expired aspirin.

Expired aspirin is safe to take although when aspirin expires the expired aspirin becomes less effective at treating the issue it's supposed to treat.

So it can take longer for the aspirin to work on the pain and you may need to increase your dosage a little bit.

Just don't overdose on the aspirin.

Aspirin is usually good and still effective within 5 years of it's expiration date.

After 5 years past the expiration date the aspirin becomes less effective although it's still safe to take.

I have a bottle of aspirin I'm still using that expired in 2017 and now it's 2021 so the aspirin has expired 4 years ago.

It's not as effective as fresh aspirin but it still works to get rid of the pain I'm experiencing.

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