What are some good WordPress themes for a personal weight loss blog?

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asked Jul 6 in Programming/Design by costy (6,920 points)
What are some good WordPress themes for a personal weight loss blog?

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answered Jul 6 by XHnuts888 (9,560 points)

Some great looking and great WordPress themes that would work great for a personal weight loss blog are.

Health Coach WP.
ABC Personal.
Healthy Living.

You can download free and good WordPress blog themes through Wordpress itself at


Themeforest is also a great place to download great WordPress Themes.

I download most of my blog themes for my WordPress blog through Themeforest as they have a lot of great looking professional themes.

Another good website to download great looking and professional WordPress themes are through.


Or even Templatemonster.com


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answered Jul 7 by fraddy (6,700 points)
SKT Nutristore

BeFit Pro

SKT Fitness Pro

Diet and Nutrition
Yogi Pro
SKT Marathon
Martial Arts
Ele Yoga
Ele Fitness and more
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Well, I have just made a website with the help of this weight loss wordpress theme  https://www.templatemonster.com/category/weight-loss-wordpress-themes/ and I need some SEO for it now. I think your replies will help me a lot ;) I also recommend those templates as the most handy. Cheers

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Hi there, guys! What do you think about the Free Restaurant Website Maker, for example? I am pretty sure that you can still use it and its templates for any purposes. Have a look at what they have there and good luck with it, guys :)

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The Internet is flooded with thousands of Google Slides templates(check https://googleslidestemplates.com/), some useful and some useless. Some are worth your time while some cause headaches, especially the ones with complicated designs that are neither professional nor interesting.

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