How do you put a 6 year old in a diaper?

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How do you put a 6 year old in a diaper?

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To put a 6 year old in a diaper you take their clothes off and then get a diaper out that will fit them.

Usually a diaper such as the Gentle Steps size 7 diapers from Dollar General or Parents Choice size 7 diapers or even Pampers Cruisers size 7 diapers will fit most 6 year olds.

Then take the diaper and unfold it, then lift up the 6 year olds legs and slide the diaper underneath the 6 year old's bottom.

Make sure the diaper tabs are in the back and then pull the tabs out from under the bottom so they are accessible.

Next lift the diaper up in the front and pull the diaper through the 6 year olds legs and then tape one side at a time.

Make sure the diaper is tight enough so it does not fall down but not too tight.

Then you can either put pants or shorts on the 6 year old or leave them in just a diaper or diaper and shirt.

Yes I have saw a 6 year old boy wearing just a diaper and shirt in public today at a car show.

The 6 year old boy was sitting next to his dad under a shade tree wearing just his diaper, shirt and sandals and he looked like he had slight autism.

Or he could have just loved wearing the diapers or was incontinent and wanted to wear just the diaper and shirt and shoes and he looked cute as well.

6 years old is not too old to wear diapers.

Actually all 6 year old boys should be wearing diapers as they have not got good bladder control and can wet their pants easily.

A 6 year old boy should be wearing diapers and when in public or at home when it's hot the 6 year old should be wearing just a diaper or just a diaper and shirt and shoes or just the diaper and shirt.

Yes a 6 year old boy can wear just a diaper in public.

A diaper covers up the private area and it's not indecent.

I was at a car show today and saw a 6 year old boy wearing just a diaper and shirt sitting on a camping chair.

He looked very happy to be wearing just his diaper and shirt and shoes.

I wish I could be like him.

If your 6 year old boy needs to wear diapers or wants to wear diapers or you're diaper punishing your kid then they should and can go outside wearing just a diaper and shirt or just a diaper.

No need for shorts over the diaper as the diaper is good enough.

Just like the boy wearing the diaper in the picture below.

Kids look cuter wearing just their diaper.

6 year old boy wearing just diaper

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