What would you do if you saw a 10 year old boy naked in Walmart

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answered Jun 10 by Vivian232 (2,720 points)
If I saw a 10 year old boy naked in Walmart I would immediately notify some staff member such as a Manager as it's not allowed for anyone to be naked in Walmart.

Then the manager would ask the 10 year old to leave or put something on.

If the 10 year old boy would not leave then the police would be called.

I once saw a 10 year old boy wearing just his boxer shorts and a shirt and shoes and that was okay.

Also saw a boy about 10 years old who was Autistic wearing just his diaper, shirt and shoes in Walmart Yesterday.

It was hot out and I could tell the 10 year old boy was Autistic and most Autistic children have a hard time potty training.

The 10 year old boy was wearing Pampers Cruisers size 7 diapers which fit him pretty good.

That does not offend me but going in without clothes in public is not an option even I would not allow my kids when they were toddlers or babies to be in public naked.

In public they had to have at least a diaper on.
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answered Jun 11 by Lindblom (720 points)
If I saw a 10 year old naked in Walmart or any other place I would just think he was cute.

Seeing naked bodies of children does nothing for me as I'm not a pedophile and would never harm children or anything like that.

But I just think a naked body of a child is beautiful and nothing to be disgusted at.

I live in a wooded secluded place where the nearest neighbor is 10 miles away and my kids will be outside naked in the yard.

However when in public we can't do that as it's illegal.

But at home I'm wearing nothing when it's hot out and my kids do the same.

However I'm sure if a 10 year old was in Walmart naked they would get into trouble but I would not say anything bad about it.

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