How often do kindergarteners poop and pee on the floor

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Very rarely do Kindergarten children poop and pee on the floor.

Although it's more often that a Kindergarten child will poop their pants or pee in their pants as some are shy about asking to use the toilet.

My brother was that way in Kindergarten and he pooped his pants and peed his pants on different days because he was too shy to ask to use the toilet.

So pee went in his pants and on the floor and poop also went on the floor as it came out of his pants.

He pooped his pants and peed his pants while sitting in his chair and would not tell anyone until all the students left to go to recess and he stayed behind and let the teacher know about it.

He had to go to the nurse who helped clean him up and because of his pee and poop accident happening more than once he had to wear a diaper for the school day.

So the school insisted that my brother come to school wearing diapers because he would not ask to use the toilet.

And because of that my mom had to buy my brother who was 6 years old at the time diapers to wear to school.

He hated having to wear the diapers but after awhile he preferred to wear diapers to school instead of having to use the toilet or ask to use the toilet.

He was in the old plastic backed Pampers which was in 1994.

My own 5 year old son also has peed his pants in school and so I send him to school in a Gentle Steps brand diaper.

They are not thick and cannot be seen under his pants.

He's also shy about asking to use the toilet so he would rather wear diapers instead and that's okay.

The nurse changes his diaper for him discretely.
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When I was in Kindergarten several years ago now I remember a boy in my Kindergarten Class who peed on the floor and pooped on the floor because he thought it was funny.

When his mom showed up she had a diaper and put him in a diaper.

She said that since he could not go to the toilet and peed and pooped on the floor that he would be wearing diapers to school and at home as well.

She took him to the bathroom, put the diaper on him and made him wear it the rest of the day in school.

Everyday he came to school wearing a diaper and those were crinkly Luvs diapers back them with barney the dinosaur on them.

He hated wearing the diapers but he had to wear them all the time and even the next year when he was in first and even 2nd grade at age 7 and 8 he had to wear diapers then as well.

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