When should you pull a fire alarm?

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When should you pull a fire alarm?

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You should only pull a fire alarm if there's a fire or other immediate threat in the building to alert people to the need to evacuate the building.

Never pull the fire alarm for a prank or practical joke as it's not funny and can get you into trouble with the law.

The charge for pulling a fire alarm is usually a misdemeanor with a fine or possible jail time.

It is illegal to pull a fire alarm if there's not actual fire or other threat.

If there is a fire or other threat then it's legal to pull the fire alarm and that is what it is for.

However you should never pull a fire alarm as a prank or just for having fun as it can cause havoc and even danger to people in the building.

When you pull the fire alarm people are thinking there's either a fire in the building or something else is dangerous to them and they should get out.

That then makes the people run through the building to evacuate the building.

Also the fire department will get called because the fire alarm indicates a fire so you also waste the fire departments time and the police time.

If you do pull a fire alarm only do so when there's a fire or other danger that is present to the people in the building.

But if you do pull a fire alarm and there's no fire or danger then you can get cited and possibly arrested.

I remember in school year ago a boy who thought it was funny would pull the fire alarm and he did so 3 times and the first time he did it he was warned and cited for it but the 3rd time he pulled the fire alarm he was arrested and went to Juvenile Hall where he spend the next year for a sentence over it.

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