Have you ever babysat a kid that had a poop accident and what did you do

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I have babysat kids who have had poop accidents.

A few months ago I babysat a 6 year old boy who would not get up and go to the toilet in my house and so he pooped his pants.

I smelled the poop and he kept denying it.

I told him that he was not in trouble but also he had to get cleaned up and since he had no clean clothes I had to put him in diaper while I washed his other clothes.

I told  him it was okay if he wanted to use the diaper instead of going to the toilet as I believe he feared going to the toilet in places other than his house.

So I put him in a Gentle Steps size 7 diaper that I keep around my house for my 7 year old autistic son who is not potty trained.

He seemed to actually enjoy the diaper and would ask for a diaper every time I babysat him.

So I allowed him to wear the diaper instead of using the toilet.
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I haven't babysat a kid who had a poop accident but I was that kid back in 1993 when I was 5 years old and at a babysitters house.

While at the babysitters house I was watching TV sitting on the floor and I needed to poop and so I just pooped my pants instead of going to the toilet.

I also peed my pants as well.

So as soon as the babysitter noticed she took me into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes and gave me a shower.

Then she put my clothes in the washing machine and started showering and bathing me.

After she got done bathing and showering me she got out a Pampers Diapers which was mostly plain white with some sorta picture on the landing zone.

These Pampers diapers were the thick diapers that used tape instead of Velcro and actually those type of pampers were better than today's pampers.

She put me in one of those pampers diapers and then put a shirt on me as well as a fresh pair of socks and then sent me back to watch TV for awhile.

Then she put my shoes on and took me outside to play in her backyard wearing just a diaper, shirt and shoes.

My mom came and picked me up later and I had to walk home a few blocks or so wearing just the diaper, shirt and shoes.

If I babysat a kid and he pooped or peed his pants he would be in just diapers as well.

Every Time I was babysat by that babysitter I had to wear a diaper and so I was babysat by her until 10 years old and wore diapers all the time at her house.

I was dressed like the diaper boy below most times at her house and I loved it.

8 Year Old Diapers Boy Wearing Just Diapers and Shirt8 year old diaper boy wearing just diaper and shirt and shoes outside

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