Describe the worst spanking you’ve given a kid

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I've never given spankings but I get a lot of spankings as a kid.

My mom just gave me a spanking with a belt and it hurt really bad.

I was not doing what I was being told to do and I was taking off away from home without her knowing and when she found me she got mad.

I'm already wearing diapers because I've never been potty trained.

But my mom took my diaper off and got the belt out and bare bottom spanked me.

I'm not supposed to be on my laptop right now but I hid it so she cannot find it and I'm using it.

Pretty Soon though it will be bedtime though and I have to get in my crib to sleep.

I have a bottle of toddler formula I'm also forced to drink now and I'm wearing a Pampers Baby Dry size 6 diaper.

It has Sesame Street on it which I love.

I'm wearing just the diaper and shirt and that's all I get to wear for the rest of the summer even in public as part of my punishment.

I'm only 8 years old but I'm never gonna be potty trained as my parents want to keep us in diapers and so yes I will be forced to wear diapers as a teenager.

I actually love wearing the diapers and don't mind wearing and using diapers instead of the toilet.

My parents have actually kept me in diapers and never potty trained me.

I wear diapers all the time and never have used the toilet and never will as I wear and use diapers all the time and my parents change my diapers when needed.

As a non potty trained 8 year old boy I wear diapers everywhere and everyday 24 hours per day and I also wear my diapers to the doctors appointments and exams.

When I need to be examined by the doctor I am stripped down to just my diaper and the doctor has commented that I should be potty trained and was wondering if anything was wrong with me.

My mom just tells the doctor she puts me in diapers for just in case I cannot make it to the toilet but actually I am not allowed to use the toilet and I don't mind.

I was embarrassed going to the doctor in diapers at first but now it's no big deal.

I'm still a kid as I'm an 8 year old boy and my parents change my diaper all the time in front of other people even in public.

At home I get my diaper changed in front of my diapered 2 year old brother and my diapered 5 year old brother as well.

Us kids all wear diapers and are not potty trained as our parents want to keep us in diapers.

I've also had my diaper changed at the park yesterday in front of other 8 year old kids and my mom just lays me down on the grass on a changing pad and removes my diaper and cleans me up and puts me into a new diaper.

She then let me run around the park with my brothers wearing just our diapers as it was nice and warm outside and I loved it.

I'm 8 years old and a boy and my parents force me to wear diapers all the time.

My parents have never potty trained me and never will as they want to keep me in diapers.

At first I wanted to be potty trained and was tired of wearing diapers when I was 7 years old but now at 8 years old I've changed my mind and actually love wearing the diapers.

I am not allowed to even try to use the toilet and I must pee and poop my diapers and wait for a diaper change.

When at home I have to wear just my diaper and shirt but in public I get to wear clothes.

I am home schooled so I wear just my diapers doing my school work and I have to sit in a high chair to eat and my mom feeds me with a spoon and I wear a bib as well.

I sleep in a crib and drink milk from a baby bottle as well.

I love being a diaper boy and being put in diapers against my will.

At home I'm dressed like the diaper boy below.

8 year old diaper boy8 year old diaper boy playing on floor

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The worst spanking I ever given a kid was the spanking I gave my 10 year old son.

I usually don't spank my kids that hard but this time he deserved the spanking.

It's what my dad did to me as a kid too when I would act up and need a spanking.

What I did was handcuff my 10 year old sons legs and feet to a wall with hooks.

His feet were handcuffed or shackled to the hooks on the floor which his feet spread out and his hands were handcuffed to the wall above his head and the arms were spread out.

I also had him naked so I could bare butt spank him.

I then took a paddle I made with holes in it and spanked him hard.

After I spanked him hard with the paddle about 30 times he was really screaming and had a red bottom and was begging me to stop.

He was getting out of hand and acting really tough and saying I was not the boss of him.

But I am the boss of him and I'm gonna make it known.

I love him dearly and that's why I spanked him like this.

My dad also used to handcuff me to my bed when I would not stay in my room and I do that too him in some severe circumstances.

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