Are masks effective against the coronavirus disease?

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Are masks effective against the coronavirus disease?

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Yes masks are effective against the coronavirus disease.

The Covid-19 Virus or disease is spread through droplets that come out of a persons nose and mouth and then those droplets go through the air.

Even when someone simply speaks they can spew the Covid-19 virus out of their body which then gets in the air and then you breathe it in.

Then if you're not vaccinated against Covid-19 you can get the virus yourself.

Having Covid-19 is not always serious for everyone but the Covid-19 virus is much more serious than the simple flu.

When you wear the face masks you prevent yourself from getting Covid-19 as well as the flu or cold virus.

Since I started wearing masks during the Covid-19 pandemic I have not gotten Covid-19 or even the normal cold or flu virus.

Usually I get sick with the flu and cold at least 3 times per year but this year so far I have not had the cold or flu.

So I will continue wearing the face masks.

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