How do I overcome public bathroom anxiety?

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How do I overcome public bathroom anxiety?

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I had anxiety over public bathrooms as well and so I started wearing diapers all the time 10 years ago now.

I now wear adult diapers full time and no longer use a toilet at all either at home or in public as I use diapers for both pee and poop.

However I do go into public bathrooms to change my diaper when needed and It's not so bad.

If you have trouble with bathroom anxiety then you should wear diapers all the time or at least when out in public then you can avoid those nasty bathrooms.

It's better to just pee and poop a diaper instead of having to use the toilet.
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Many people have public bathroom anxiety and fear pooping in public toilets because of the sound or smell which makes it embarrassing for some people.

However just remember that everyone poops and pees and poop smells for everyone.

However if you're needing to poop then you could flush the toilet a few times to mask the sound of pooping and avoid making grunting sounds.

Try masking the smell with some perfume or cologne and even wear some headphones while playing some music to help drown out the sound you hear of other people in the bathroom.

If you can wait a few seconds or so until someone hopefully leaves the bathroom then that would also be a good idea.

Some other tips to overcome your fear of pooping in public or fear of public toilets are to.

Remember that everyone poops. Try visualizing someone you respect, such as a political figure or actor, pooping.

Carry a small bottle of air purifier or sanitizing spray with you to use when you need a public bathroom.

Line the inside of the toilet bowl with toilet paper. This will help absorb some of the sound.

Flush several times while pooping. This will disguise the sound and reduce the smell.

Breathe deeply or do a short mindfulness meditation exercise if you feel the onset of anxiety symptoms.

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