How can I reduce my tummy in 7 days?

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How can I reduce my tummy in 7 days?

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To help reduce your tummy size in 7 days you should get out and exercise, walk, jog, ride a bicycle, run etc.

Other ways to reduce your tummy and get a flatter tummy in 7 days is to.

1. Circuit training

If you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, you have to perform circuit training three days per week. How can you achieve this? Indulge in full body exercises like lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups, for one set of 15 repetitions. Don't forget to follow every exercise with one minute of jumping rope. You should be able to burn around 500 to 600 calories per workout.
2. Go for abdomial muscles workout

If wondering how to lose tummy fat quickly, then include abdominal muscles workout in your 'tips to reduce belly' list. So this three times in the week. Crunches and leg raises for three sets of 20 repetitions should be done. Also, do planks by holding your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30 to 60 seconds for four sets.

3. Check your food

The kind of food you will eat in this period is vital in bringing about any change. Natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas, chicken, beef, fish and low fat dairy should replace processed foods full of sugar. 

4. Avoid salt

To minimize water retention, lower your sodium intake. This means you need to avoid salt. You can flavour your food with other herbs and spices instead.

5. Drink water

Have adequate water to flush away those toxins. This will give you dual benefits of a glowing skin and a flat tummy. Drinking water does not only mean having gallons of water in a day, but also drinking healthy drinks like green teas with anti-oxidants and fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

6. Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol can make your stomach feel bloated. To get that perfect tummy for a figure-hugging dress or silk saree, stay away from having any alcohol for this week at least.

7.Say bye-bye to stress

Stressing and anxiety can cause the over-production of a certain hormone called cortisol, which encourages weight gain about the belly area.

The best way to lose tummy fat or belly fat is to exercise, eat a healthy diet, eat tummy fat killing vegetables and give it time.

Bear Crawl
Start with coming on all fours. Your hips should be in line with your knees and hands below your shoulders. Lift your knees slightly above the ground. Make sure your back is flat, legs hip-width apart and arms shoulder-width apart. Move your right hand and left leg forward. Now do the same with the other leg and hand. Repeat the move while alternating sides.

Bicycle Crunches
Lie on your back with legs stretched and arms resting by your side. Put your hand behind your head (do not interlock them) and try to lift your shoulders and upper back off the ground. At the same time bend your left knee and bring it towards your chest and move your right elbow towards the centre. Your knees and elbow should meet in the middle. Pause and then take your leg and hand to the starting point. Perform the same exercising with the other elbow and knee.

Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet placed firmly on the ground. Place both your hands behind your head, without pulling on your neck. Now lift your upper body off the ground up toward your knees. Do not forget to breathe out when you do so. Hold on for 2-3 seconds then slowly lower yourself down, to return to your starting point. Breathe in when you go down.

Flutter kicks
Lie on your back with your legs together and hands underneath your buttocks. Lift your right leg off the ground slightly past the hip height. At the same time lift the left leg so it hovers a few inches off the floor. Your back should be on the ground. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then switch the position of the legs, making a flutter kick motion. To make this exercise more challenging, lift your head and neck off the floor.

Lie on your back and extend your arms behind your head. Your feet should be kept together and toes pointed. Keeping your legs straight, lift them up and at the same time raise your upper body off the floor. Keeping your core tight, reach out for your toes. Lower yourself and return back to the original position.

You could also have tummy fat surgery to help you lose the tummy fat fast or take some tummy fat weight loss pills.

To lose your belly fat overnight you should eat some belly fat killing vegetables and also exercise throughout the day by walking, jogging, swimming etc.

The vegetables and other food can also help you lose belly fat but you cannot lose a lot of belly fat overnight as it takes longer than a night to see good significant results of belly fat loss.

Spinach and other Leafy Greens such as Kale and Cauliflower can help you kill belly fat overnight.

However you won't burn off much belly fat overnight but eating some of those vegetables can help you burn some belly fat overnight.

Although it takes a month or 2 months or so to notice good results when burning belly fat.

The 5 foods that burn belly fat are.

1: Avocados.

2: Yogurt.

3: Bananas.

4: Berries.

5: Citrus.

Veggies that kill belly fat are beans, asparagus, carrots, pumpkins, chillies, Cauliflower, Mushrooms and Spinach.

Some foods that kill belly fat are beans, broccoli, salmon, yogurt, Edamame and Red Bell Peppers.

Vinegar and Apple Cider vinegar also help to kill belly fat and even doing coolsculpting.

Exercising such as running, jogging, riding a bicycle, using a treadmill and swimming can also help burn off belly fat.

You can easily lose belly fat but the belly fat won't be lost overnight.

To lose a significant amount of belly fat requires at least 6 months to 12 months.

To lose belly fat it usually takes between 2 months to 6 months to lose a significant amount of belly fat.

Although to lose a lot of belly fat it can take as long as 12 months.

However eating healthy, exercising and staying motivated can help you lose the belly fat.

Having Coolsculpting done can also help you lose belly fat much faster as well.

Ice Packs can help reduce belly fat some but to really lose belly fat you should have Coolsculpting done if you can afford it.

Or you can also buy belly fat burning devices online that helps some.

Eating Yogurt and exercising such as Jogging, Walking, Cycling etc can also help you burn off belly fat.

Ice packs can reduce belly fat at least some.

However the ice packs won't reduce belly fat all that much but you will notice a little bit of belly fat go away when using ice packs.

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