8 year old boy who wears diapers for bed wetting?

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8 year old boy who wears diapers for bed wetting?

I'm 8 years old and I wear Gentle Steps size 7 diapers for bed wetting which my mom buys for me.

I actually love wearing the diapers and want to wear the diapers all the time.

How can I get my parents to make me wear the diapers full time?

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I wish I had diapers for bed wetting at your age as it would have been better than having a wet bed.

It's great that you get to wear the Gentle Steps Size 7 diapers as they are very good diapers and I also wear them sometimes myself.

I'm actually wearing a Gentle Steps size 7 diaper right now and it's partly wet and feels great.

To get your parents to let you wear the diapers all the time start wearing them during the day yourself and continue peeing in them and your parents may decide that you need the diapers.

Or if you wear underwear during the day start peeing your pants and then say you would rather wear diapers to prevent wet pants.

Or just come out and tell your parents you want to wear diapers all the time and they might let you wear them all the time.

If you were my kid and told me you wanted to wear diapers I would put you in your diapers full time and now allow you to wear underwear anymore.

That's great that you love to wear diapers at 8 years old.

It's okay if you love to wear diapers at 8 years old and lots of other kids love to wear diapers as well and there's nothing wrong with wearing diapers for fun.

I love diapers myself and find diapers better and more comfortable than underwear.

It's normal for you to love to wear diapers at 8 years old.

I've loved wearing diapers since I was 5 years old when a babysitter put me into diapers and I would wear Pampers Baby diapers at 8 years old as well.

Now I'm 33 years old and wear diapers full time and no longer use the toilet.

There are lots of other kids your age and older who love to wear diapers for fun or comfort and other kids who also like to drink from baby bottles, sippy cups and dress as a toddler etc.

I love to act like a toddler and play in just my diaper and drink from baby bottles and sippy cups and even sleep in a crib.

If you were my kid I would keep you in diapers as well and let you wear just your diaper and shirt around the house like the kid below.

When I have kids I'm gonna keep the kids in diapers like the diaper boy below.

You can see more pictures of this cute diaper boy by clicking the pictures below.

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