What age did you stop bathing your son?

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I don't have any kids right now but hope too someday soon and I would not stop bathing my kids until they are at least 13 years old.

My mom bathed me until I was 8 years old because I would not take a bath on my own and would only fake taking a bath.

When I have kids I'm treating them like a toddler and making them wear diapers full time and never potty training them.

I was at the beach a few summers ago and I saw an 8 year old boy naked because he was getting changed out of his diaper and into a swim diaper to go into the beach.

Then I saw the 8 year old boy naked again because his dad was removing his poopy swim diaper and then cleaning him up and putting him into a fresh new Pampers Cruisers size 7 diaper.

The 8 year old boy then wore just his Pampers Cruisers size 7 diaper on the beach and when he got into the car with his dad.

He was not wearing any pants but just a shirt over the diaper and his sandals.

He looked so cute and I wished it were me being changed like that and wearing a Pampers Cruisers size 7 diaper.

I was also wearing just a diaper on the beach with my shirt and Sandals.

So I was dressed like him.

I also saw a 5 year old boy naked in his backyard near my house and he was out playing in the sprinklers that way.

If I had an 8 year old son and he came up to me and pooped his pants on purpose I would clean him up and make him wear diapers all the time.

He would then not be allowed to poop in the potty or pee in the potty and he would be made to wear diapers and just diapers when it's warm out.

I would make him stay in just his diaper and shirt or diapers and even take him in public like that.

I'm an adult and wear diapers full time but if I had kids I would use diaper punishment on them.

I would actually just keep my kids in diapers and keep them like a toddler no matter their age which will keep them in line and behaving.

I would never potty train my kids and just force them to wear diapers all the time and do toddler things which helps keep them regressed and prevents the child from becoming out of line.

Like this boy Diaper Boy Tommy who is being made to wear diapers.

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answered May 22 by manbearpig (3,700 points)
I stopped bathing my son when he was 8 years old.

I had to ensure that he would take a bath as up until 8 years old he would refuse to take a bath and if I let him in the bathtub by himself or the shower he would not actually wash.

He would fill the tub up, or turn the shower on and pretend to take a bath.

But he was not actually taking a bath or shower.

So I had to bathe or shower my son until 8 years old to make sure he actually got cleaned up.

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