How do you change bed wetting diapers?

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How do you change bed wetting diapers?

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Changing bed wetting diapers is the same as changing regular diapers on a toddler or baby.

If your child is old enough to change their own diaper then you can teach them to change the diaper.

Changing a diaper for bed wetting you just remove the old diaper, wipe their bottom or give the bed wetter a bath or allow the bed wetting child to shower or bathe.

Then if you're using tape on diapers you have the child lay down on the bed or floor and then have them lift up their bottom and you slide the diaper under their butt with the tabs in the back.

Then pull the diaper up between the child's legs and then take one side and fasten the diaper with the tabs and then fasten the other side.

If it's a pull up diaper then you have the child step into the pull up.

If the child only needs diapers at night then you just remove the old diaper in the morning and wipe them up and then have the child shower and change into underwear or boxer shorts.

If they need a diaper in the day then you change them into a new fresh diaper.

If your child is skinny enough then the best diapers for the child who wets the bed are Gentle Steps size 7 diapers or any other size diapers of Gentle Steps Diapers from Dollar General.

The Gentle Steps size 7 diapers are very absorbent diapers and are mostly plain white with a small landing strip with Tiger pictures.

My 8 year old son wears the Gentle Steps size 7 diapers which fit him perfectly and he wears them for bed wetting and when out shopping or away from home and on road trips.

He's very comfortable in the diapers and actually loves to wear them.

On the weekends when he's not in school I let him wear the diapers and use them if he wants too.

He loves to sit around the house and run around in our backyard that is fenced in with just the diaper and shirt.

He also wears the diapers on road trips as well.

Pampers Cruisers size 7 as well as Pampers Swaddlers size 7 diapers or just about any other brand of Size 7 diapers should fit a skinny 8 year old boy.

Larger 8 year old boys may need Youth or adult diapers.

We're going on a long road trip soon and the 8 year old boy will be wearing Gentle Steps size 7 diapers for the road trip.

He seems happy in his diaper and likes to wear just the diaper and shirt even in the car.

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