I find life so boring and pointless?

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asked May 16 in Mental Health by Vivjian (640 points)

I find life to be so boring and pointless?

Life is the same thing over and over and the repetition of life makes life even more miserable.

  • wake up

  • personal hygiene

  • eat

  • work a job in order to contribute to society

  • come home to family

  • eat again

  • consume worthless media

  • sleep

  • repeat

what is the purpose of this? every day is filled with autonomy and complacency of the fact that there is no meaning of being here. our purpose it to be a worthless hive worker.

living every day to work. what could bring purpose to my life?

I could go out and be a successful businessman, an aspiring artist with millions of fans, a great inventor, or even a professor. but will any of these things change my outlook on life? absolutely not.

Anything and everything i do would be for what reason? making my life more comfortable? other than a career there are things that are supposed to make this life more manageable.

Having money in the bank. cool. beautiful wife. nice. ikea furniture that totally screams “me”. perfect. but can any of this actually make it easier to wake up in the morning?

At the end of the day i’m still another hive worker contributing to a society i don’t even care about. there’s nothing in this world that can make life meaningful.

So what’s really the difference between being alive and being dead?

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answered May 16 by Z88854tty (970 points)
I agree life is pretty boring and actually pointless.

However when you do get bored you should try and find something else to do.

Maybe even if possible get out of the town or even the state and go exploring and camping somewhere else.

I find that when I'm getting bored of where I am and get real depressed that if I get in my truck and take my camper to another state to a nice campground or state park to stay for awhile my depression goes away.

Having a change in routine and scenery can really help bring you out of depression at least for awhile.

If possible try moving to a different state too that you may like better where there's much more to do.

I hate where I live currently in this small boring town and I want to eventually move to a prettier state with more to do.

I would actually prefer living rural but in a state where it's more beautiful and where there's more to do outdoors.

Here there's hardly anything to do that is actually fun.

Life can be boring and repetitive and I actually do wish I was never born in the first place but I'll continue living until my time is up.

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