Introduction of contactless payments in business

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asked Jan 24 in Internet by Whiteray (240 points)
Hello friends, I am interested in the question about contactless payments. Has anyone already implemented them in their business activities? How do you like it?

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answered Jan 24 by Codeholding (340 points)

Yes, contactless payments are being actively implemented now, because it is convenient. Are you an entrepreneur and want to switch to contactless payments? My store switched to contactless payments with a smartphone not too long ago. I'm happy with the result it's convenient and fast.  You can apply here m4bank - it is a reliable company.

commented Jan 24 by Tikuna (200 points)
It's a great app. And the main thing is that you only need a smartphone. How much does it cost and will I have to pay anything in the future?
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answered May 23 by Grant (1,760 points)

I have a company and I'm working on developing it as best as possible of course I'm worried about the protection of payment systems. As companies of all shapes and sizes strive to protect sensitive data and comply with regulations, I decided to keep up with this and implement pci compliance security . I contacted a company that helped me a lot and I am pleased that by providing a secure payment environment I have peace of mind.

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