How do I become a police officer in Kansas?

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How do I become a police officer in Kansas?

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To become a police officer in Kansas you must go through police training and be at least 21 years of age or older and also pass psychological, medical, and physical assessments to determine the ability to perform the duties of a police officer in law enforcement.

Good moral character, no felony convictions, no misdemeanor domestic violence convictions or other disqualifying misdemeanors, need US Citizenship, have a high school diploma or GED.

Under Kansas state law, all new police officer must receive their basic law enforcement training within one year of being hired as a police officer.

The average salary of a full time police officer is $41,879.00 per year.

The monthly average salary for a full time police officer is $3,490.00 per month which equals out to about $115.00 per day and sometimes less.

I made $150.00 per day at a construction job a few years ago so I was making more than a police officer.

So that means that actually police officers are not all that rich like some people believe.

For all the stuff that a police officer has to deal with on a day to day basis and the stress of being the police officer the pay really is not enough.

I'm not a police officer and make more money than a police officer does with my monthly salary being $6,000.00 per month.

My job is safer and I don't have to deal with terrible people or worry about getting shot etc.

Also not everyone is a fit for being a police officer either and you have to have thick skin and take insults etc and be ready to die at any moment.

Because because being a police officer is dangerous and you may go to work that day or night and not come come.

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