How many Floyd the Barber were there?

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How many Floyd the Barber were there?

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There were 3 men that played the Floyd the Barber Character on TV.

Howard Terbell McNear was an American stage, screen, and radio character actor. McNear is best remembered as Floyd Lawson, the barber on The Andy Griffith Show.

Floyd the Barber was the slow-paced, somewhat absent-minded barber in the series' fictional town of Mayberry. He was first seen in episode 12, "Stranger in Town" and was played by actor Walter Baldwin.

Baldwin established the running gag of Floyd's inability to trim sideburns evenly, which continued throughout the run of the series.

Baldwin portrayed Floyd for just one episode.

From January, 1961 on, the role was played by Howard McNear, the actor most commonly associated with the role.

In McNear's first appearance as Floyd, in episode 13, "Mayberry Goes Hollywood," the character's barbershop was called "Colby's Tonsorial Parlor."

This could be the last name associated with the previous Floyd as we see after this episode the character was always "Floyd Lawson".

Over the first few seasons, the importance of Floyd the Barber to the series increased.

Slowly, McNear changed his delivery of dialogue for Floyd from fast-paced to slower and slower as time went on. Floyd also became involved more in the plots of the various episodes as the show progressed.

In early 1963, midway through the third season, Howard McNear suffered a serious stroke.

He was left with limited use of his arms and legs, especially his left arm, which rarely moved.

The producers of the series and Andy Griffith wanted McNear to return as Floyd when his health permitted it, and after about a year, McNear was talked into coming back (which he was not going to do at first).

The series had a special chair constructed that McNear was able to sit in most of the time while on the set, as the stroke had left him only able to stand for short periods of time.

Accordingly, the Floyd character then began to appear regularly again on the series towards the end of season four.

The last appearance of Floyd the Barber on The Andy Griffith Show was in the final episode of the seventh season.

Howard McNear's health worsened and he was not able to return to the series for season eight, and he died less than a year later.

To try to fill in his loss on the series, a new character named Emmett Clark (a fix-it man) was brought in.

As announced on the series, Floyd had retired because he had earned enough money.

Emmett (played by veteran character actor Paul Hartman) moved his fix-it shop into Floyd's old barber shop location in Mayberry.

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