Why small towns are better?

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Why small towns are better?

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Small towns are better than larger towns and cities in some ways.

However small towns while usually better than larger towns and cities the small towns can also be worse than those large cities and towns.

Small towns are usually quieter with traffic, less traffic congestion, easier commute, less taxes on property, less crime, easier to get to know your neighbors etc.

Small towns can offer expansive space at a low cost, especially compared with metropolitan areas where you'll pay a premium for every square foot.

Lower-cost housing in a smaller town could make owning a home affordable for you for the first time.

However in small towns the people seem to know everyone and there's also the small town gossip which is another downside of the small town living.

In larger towns and cities not everyone knows everyone else and although there's still gossip in larger towns and cities it's less harmful because not everyone knows you.

The best way to get away from all those issues is to move to a rural property where your neighbors are miles away.

I used to live in a small town and hated it and was glad I got away from that place and now I live on a rural wooded property where the closest neighbor is 10 miles away from me.

I'm happier and I love walking out my door and having several acres of property to myself and no neighbors in sight.

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