How do you live in a house you hate?

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How do you live in a house you hate?

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Some things you can do to your house to try and enjoy the house a bit better than you do now when you hate it are.

Try redecorating the house to your liking and if you own the house and can do so then do some remodeling by updating the house with new kitchen cabinets, new bathroom fixtures etc.

Fill the spots you hate with stuff that you love.

Don't underestimate the power of a houseplant.

Fix minor annoyances.

When in doubt, try a tray.

Pick up some pillows.

Create conversation spaces.

Invite the neighbors over.

Make your bed every day.

If it's not only the house you hate but the location then you should work on trying to move to a different house in a different location.

Even moving out of state even for awhile to see if you like the new state and are happier there would be another idea.

For example right now I live in my hometown that I moved back to about 7 years ago and at first I loved it but now being here 7 years almost I am beginning to hate it again and want to move.

I own the house as I bought a cheap house and paid it off just last year but I hate the place now however I plan to eventually rent the house out for some income and move to a better state.

I'm hoping to move to Arkansas in at least 5 to 7 more years when I have enough money saved up.

I want to move to a rural location where there's no neighbors as I would be much happier.

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