What are the types of bets?

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A moneyline or a win bet is the most common and basic form of a bet. In this type of wager, all you do is place a bet on the team you are sure has a good chance of winning the match or game.

A total or an over/under bet is a simple type of wager. It is suitable for beginners to go for along with the basic win bet. In a total bet, a certain total will be issued by the sportsbook for the match. This total is usually tied to the points scored. In this type of bet, you will have to decide if the total will come under or over the number specified by the sportsbook.

A point spread wager is a bet that is very common in the U.S. In other places, this bet is called ‘handicap betting’. Here, a sportsbook will decide which team is likely to win the game and then assign a total number of points they think the team will win the game by. As a better, you will have to decide if the sportsbook’s determination is under or over.

In a futures or outright bet, all you do is make the pick on the sports event winner. This bet is based mainly on chance.

A proposition bet or props bet, or specials is a wager on any likely outcome in the game. For instance, say in football, which team or player is likely to make the goal or get a free-kick. Check out Fortunaslot777 to know more about the different types of bets.

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