What are the features of planning the construction of a house?

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What are the features of planning the construction of a house?

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When planning the construction of a house you need to hire an architect or house designer to help lay out the construction plans of the house.

Then you submit those plans for the house to your city or town or county to get the required home building permits to build the house.

After the house is built and the plumbing, electrical etc have all been put in the house will need to also get an occupancy permit before you can move into the house.

If you live really rural then you can usually get by without most of that but it may come back to you later.

Also living rural you'll need a water well and a septic tank and the soil has to be perk tested and then a septic permit issued.

You can install the septic system yourself if you want too but it needs to be inspected.
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  Such planning will give you the opportunity to minimize financial risks during construction and renovation.

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