Can't make or receive calls on Tracfone?

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Can't make or receive calls on Tracfone?

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When you can't make or receive calls on Tracfone it is usually because your Tracfone has temporarily lost the cellphone signal or connection to the cellphone.

My tracfone sometimes tells me that it can't make or receive calls and usually waiting a few minutes and trying to make the call again works.

Sometimes I need to turn the Tracfone phone off and then back on to reset the phone and then it usually works then as well.

Sometimes you may also be in a cellphone signal dead spot and moving around usually fixes it or even you may have not fully activated your cellphone.

Other cause is that you may have ran out of service days on your Tracfone or ran out of minutes.

If you still cannot get your Tracfone to make and receive calls then you should call Tracfone Customer Service and they can help you further.

However sometimes it may simply be something going on with the Cellphone tower in your area or the cellphone tower is being worked on and then when they finish with the work on the cellphone tower it will work again.

To call Tracfone Customer Service call the number below.

The Tracfone Customer Service number is 1 800-867-7183

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