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Добрый день, мы с женой хотим совершить кругосветное путешествие на яхте Что вы думаете о таком путешествии? Вы бы рискнули?

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I would risk going around the world on a Yacht if I can afford too.

One day when I get old and retire and have time to go do other things I want to take a Yacht around the world myself as well.

Or even just go on a Cruise would be nice.

I had thought about retiring to a house boat and just live on the water as much as possible and only come back to land when needed.

I love being out on boats and will go this summer on my own boat but it's not a Yacht or a house boat but instead it's a boat that you just drive around on the water with and have fun.

I can even go fishing on the boat as well but one day I want to buy a house boat and live on it.

Being on the water is really relaxing to me and when I do die I want to be cremated and have my remains dumped in an ocean somewhere.

My Grandpa was a fisherman on a boat and when he died we dumped his remains or ashes into the ocean where he used to fish commercially.

It's what he wanted us to do and that is what I want as well.

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