Are Goodnites disposable diapers?

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Are Goodnites disposable diapers?

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Goodnites are disposable diapers but the Goodnites really are just disposable pull up style diapers.

I tried Goodnites bed wetting underwear and they actually leaked and did not hold hardly any pee at night and my bed was still wet.

If you want to wear diapers or need to wear diapers for bed wetting you should get real diapers such as attends diapers, Northshore Megamax diapers or other Youth sized disposable tape on diapers which hold up better to bed wetting.

If it's a younger kid that is skinny enough then Pampers Baby Dry size 6 or Pampers Cruisers size 7 diapers are good diapers for bed wetting children.

Even Luvs size 6 or Gentle Steps size 7 diapers are good diapers for bed wetting.

I have a 7 year old nephew that I babysit once in awhile and when he's over he wears Gentle Steps size 7 diapers for bed wetting.

I also have him wear the Gentle Steps size 7 diaper during the day as well and have him pee in them and poop in them and then I change him and treat him like a toddler.

He loves being treated like a toddler and he also loves wearing diapers just like I do.

At my house my 7 year old nephew runs around my backyard wearing just his diaper and shirt and in the house he wears just the diaper as well.

He's so cute wearing just his diaper around the house.

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