Are bananas radioactive?

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Are bananas radioactive?

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The bananas that we eat are slightly radioactive although they are not very radioactive and won't harm you when eating them.

Our bodies are actually also naturally radioactive already and eating radioactive foods including bananas will not make you radioactive.

Radioactive foods are not dangerous to eat or be around as the radioactive foods are only slightly radioactive and not enough to cause harm.

The radiation in foods is so minimal that it's hardly noticeable and you're safe to eat the the foods that are radioactive as people have eaten radioactive foods for thousands of years and survived just fine.

The potatoes we eat are slightly radioactive.

Although the potatoes are radioactive it's not enough radiation to cause harm to our health or kill you when eating the potatoes.

You can even use a potato as a battery as it does contain some electricity and can light up a light bulb.

We did this in school before as an experiment and used a voltage meter to test the voltage in the potatoes and it put out some volts.

I cannot remember exactly the amount of volts in the potato but I think it was around 110 volts that was coming out of the potato.

So yes potatoes do produce electricity and are slightly radioactive and some other foods are also radioactive but they are still healthy and safe to eat them.

Small amounts of radiation are all around us and not harmful but when you get too much radiation it becomes a problem and sometimes cancer can result.

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