My relationships the worst in the world

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asked Mar 3 in Family by ValentinDerkovsky (280 points)
I have been dating a girl for a long time, the relationship has ceased to bring pleasure, only quarrels and screams. We almost never have sex because she doesn't want to. How to be in such a situation ??

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answered Mar 4 by AnonimusSuminona (240 points)
Well, I have not come across this, I can only guess how it will be better. It seems to me that you should pull yourself together, try to find an approach to your girlfriend, if she is dear to you, of course. If you are tired of the relationship, then leave her and start life over again. Moreover, you have rare sex. You are not an old man, for your own health, you need to do it. Therefore, be patient and start moving forward. And this  will help to satisfy yourself. Good luck!
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Perhaps you are missing something new in a relationship .. Most likely your intimate life is the most typical, am I right? How about watching an adult movie together? It helped my wife and I regain our former passion. There are good ones here I still don't understand how, but it worked. They looked at each other in a new way. I believe in you! If there was love, then it did not pass ..
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answered Mar 14 by bradley89 (330 points)
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answered Apr 27 by KoryPowell (1,210 points)

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