How do I keep my drip pans clean?

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How do I keep my drip pans clean?

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To keep your drip pans on your stove clean you should remove the drip pans every few weeks to at least once per month and soak them in the sink with some Dawn Dish Soap.

The Dawn Dish Soap will help remove any grease and oils that can be on the drip pans.

Or you can also place the drip pans of your stove in the dishwasher but if they have lots of grease or oils on them you should soak them in the sink with the Dawn Dish Soap to get rid of the grease and oils first.

You can also spray the drip pans with some Easy Off Oven Cleaner which will help cut through the cooking grease and cooking oil.

Then place the drip pans in the sink or dishwasher to clean.

I remove my drip pans every 2 weeks and clean them to keep from getting too much grease and oil buildup on them which can start a fire.

I once had a fire start due to grease and oil buildup on the drip pans so it's better to clean the drip pans more often.

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