Do I need to replace springs with struts?

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Do I need to replace springs with struts?

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You don't need to replace the springs with the struts when you need to replace the struts on your vehicle.

Generally the springs for the struts will be okay but if you're removing the struts anyway then I would recommend changing and replacing the springs along with the struts.

If you buy the struts and springs online such as through Ebay you can usually get a good deal that way and I would always replace both the springs and struts if I'm already taking the springs out to replace the struts.

The signs of bad shocks or struts are leaking fluid on the exterior of shocks or struts, Unusual tire wear, excessive bouncing of the vehicle and tires, rear end of the vehicle squatting during accelerating, uneven tire wear, car tipping to one side when turning, Instability at highway speeds and a front end that dives more than expected during hard braking.

Other signs and symptoms of bad shocks are Delayed or longer stopping distances, Excessive vibration in your steering wheel, Rocking rolling and rattling, Swerving and dipping when applying your brakes, Uneven wear appearing on your tires and the Car veering or sliding in side winds.

Bad shocks can make a car squeak especially when you go over bumps or are driving down rough roads.

If your car is bouncing when you go over rough roads or speed bumps and the car is squealing then the shocks could be at fault.

A good way to see if the shocks are causing the car to squeak is to push down on the back of the car and see if it goes down easily and then squeaks as you push down on the car.

if the car is squeaking when you push down on the car over and over then it could be the shocks going bad.

Another cause of a car squeaking is bad struts or something rubbing up against the wheel or rubbing when the vehicle is bouncing.

Other causes of a car squeaking are worn ball joints or worn bushings even in the shocks.

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