How do I cook a steak medium rare?

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How do I cook a steak medium rare?

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Cooking a steak to medium rare means you cook the steak in the skillet for 8 minutes and every 4 of those minutes flip the steak over so both sides of the steak cook.

Once the steaks internal temperatures reaches 130 F degrees the steak is done enough for medium rare.

If you want a well done steak you cook the steak for 12 minutes being sure to cook the steak on each side for 6 minutes each.

Grilling the steak will usually take a bit longer.

With steak it's best to cook it to at least medium rare but as long as you cook the steak to heat it up enough to kill bacteria then you can eat the steak no matter how rare it is.

My dad likes his steak pretty rare but I cannot eat steak unless it's well done.

My dad's never gotten sick from eating the steak that seems too rare.

Steak can be eaten rare because it cannot absorb bacteria as much or as easy as other meats that are less dense.

Bacteria cannot penetrate the steak meat as easily as hamburger because the steak is dense and so that's why you can eat steak rare but not hamburger or other meats.

With a steak most of the bacteria is killed with the cooking process because the steak is dense which doesn't allow bacteria to penetrate the steak.

With burgers the bacteria can penetrate the burgers easily because it's not hard and dense like the steak is.

So that is why you cannot or are not supposed to eat hamburger rare when steak can be eaten rare.

A little pink in the hamburger is okay to eat but you should not eat the hamburger if it has a lot of pink because bacteria can be present in it.

Yes you can eat a burger with a little pink in it.

The burger with a little pink in it is safe to eat as long as you've cooked the burger to an internal temperature of 160 F throughout the burger.

If the burger has a lot of pink to it and not just a little bit then you need to cook the burger longer to remove most if not all of the pink.

Eating burgers with even a little pink is not very appetizing in my experience so I like my burgers to be cooked all the way through and not have a trace of pink.

But if it's just a tiny bit of pink to the burger then it's safe to eat but may not be very good to eat.

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