How do you make meat soft and tender?

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How do you make meat soft and tender?

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To make meat soft and tender you can use a meat mallet and physically tenderize the meat.

The meat mallet when used to beat the meat up physically helps break up the tough meat fibers and when those meat fibers are broken up the meat becomes softer and tender.

Marinating the meat overnight prior to cooking the meat can also make the meat soft and tender.

Another way to make the meat soft and tender is to slow simmer the meat in boiling water for a few hours.

Slow cooking the meat helps the meat become softer and tender and more easy to break apart and chew.

Whenever I put meat that is tough into a slow cooker overnight and allow the meat to cook slow overnight the meat becomes soft and tender and easier to chew.

For example I put some tough steak cut up in the slow cooker to make stew the steak becomes soft and tender overnight in the slow cooker due to the slow cooking process.

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